Engaging a storyteller for  when quiet time comes and your guests want to kick back and relax is a time-honoured tradition. Not everyone wants to dance the night away. And even if they do, they can always listen to a story while they catch their breath.

We assemble a bespoke selection of stories to make your guests remember this time as a special day in their lives.

We can take listeners of many ages away to the world of enchantment, to a place where anything and everything is possible.

We can tell stories when the meal is consumed and before dancing may start; we can tell stories when so much dancing has been done that only a rest and change of pace will suffice. We can tell apposite stories during a humanist wedding. We can encourage others to recall and share memory stories of their own.

If the location suits, we can lead a storywalk around the grounds to clear the head and fill the mind with wonder and amusement.

And since your wedding is unique we take time with you beforehand to hear what you wish your guests to experience, we visit the venue ahead of time and we deliver our unique storytelling experience on the day, for you.

email to make initial contact and let us assist in making your day one that everyone will remember with a warm glow.

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