What’s the story ?

To be a storyteller you need to tell stories.
Building a library of stories is fine research; but you need to step out of the book to be the storyteller.
In doing so, at first, some people use words and sentences that don’t have a lot to do with telling a story.
They say too much, in terror, or, excitement.
To be effective, you need to simplify the story, focus on what is important.
A man may say something first articulated by a woman if the story, the audience, or, the locale say so.
A woman can do anything she wishes in story; or at least what the teller allows her to do.
She can travel from one continent to another in the blink of a word; she can be a small girl or a wise old woman, seamlessly.
A man can dig a garden or discover a planet, fix a car, or converse with a dolphin.
The beginner tries to put everything into a story; the seasoned teller knows what to leave out.
Be confident. You won’t lose anything valuable; the story will find it if for you.
So, tell less, tell better.
But, do tell.

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