Storytelling to the ages

 Stories change our lives in self and in society.
For after all, we are our stories.
More than two and a half thousand years ago the slave, Aesop, told stories in Greece that bear his name to this day.
If they were written down they were on papyrus.
Now, you can download his stories, on the hoof, to read on your ereader. Or, read them in a paper book.
Aesop’s hungry fox climbs into a tight space for food. He eats too much, his belly swells and he can’t get out.
Aesop’s fox story was told last Christmas to enthralled four-year olds hearing it for the first time, at a Dublin craft fair.
Stories live forever
We leave our mark now, in the past, and in the future … through story.
For we tell to the mind.
And the mind knows no bounds.


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