Do not spit feathers

When someone sits to listen to your story they want to hear the story.
They do not want to hear in which circumstances you came to tell this story.
It is important to acknowledge your source if that be relevant; otherwise the story should tell all.
You are merely the conduit for the story. Be humble and tell well. Most importantly: stick to the story.
People especially do not want to hear your personal opinion on the story subject. Who cares?
Do not leave out anything pertinent to the safe arrival of the story at its destination.
Story point dropped off on the way entices some listeners to linger there to await the lost point.
If that happens, you will arrive in self-proclaimed glory to find your audience awaiting the point of the side-story.
You may then be asked to state what happened to the boy-with-the-beard, that you discarded long ago.
And you may just find yourself spitting silent feathers in an attempted response.
Stick to the point; for that is the point.

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