Storytelling Bursary for woman

Verbal Arts Centre in Derry has announced a storytelling training bursary in memory of storyteller Pat Mulkeen.
Application is restricted to females, according to the Verbal Arts Centre’s criteria for application.
The bursary aims to provide the recipient with the opportunity to develop her skills in storytelling, through formal training.
The Verbal Arts Centre will provide the opportunity for one successful candidate to avail of £600 towards formal training to support the art of storytelling and assist her in her career as a storyteller.
Candidates are asked to submit  a video, podcast, or,  letter that highlights why “I believe that everyone has a story to tell…”
A candidate must be original, illustrate appreciation of local culture, strive to bring out the story of others, and demonstrate her own create style of storytelling.
Work must be submitted no later than 5pm on 15th November 2013 to the Verbal Arts Centre, Stable Lane and Mall Wall, Bishop Street Within, BT48 6PU.
On receipt of applications, the bursary committee will use a formal selection criteria to judge and select the work entered.
All candidates will receive confirmation of their work by no later than 10th December 2013, said the Verbal Arts Centre.

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