Below are some programmes we present, whenever people say “Tell me a story.”
We have others that come to mind, as needs be.
So, if you want a selection of stories told live to a large gathering, or, to an intimate group we can draw some tales tales together that will surely suit the moment.
Call us and chat.

Many of the stories are drawn from Brendan Nolan’s collections of stories:
Barking Mad, Tales of Liars, Lovers, Loonies and Lunatics.
Dublin Folk Tales
Dublin Urban Legends

The Little Book of Dublin

Irish Love Stories
Wexford Folk Tales
Wicklow Folk Tales

as well as from traditional and contemporary sources

Gathering Tales
Gathering stories go back to the old days of Comeallyes. Those songs, stories and poems that begin with the line Come all ye…
It was the storyteller’s call to come listen to a tale of strange happenings of some sort or another; true or fanciful it made no difference.
Brendan Nolan has compiled programmes to suit every occasion where there is a gathering of listeners.

Brendan recalls stories of
A woman that was found guilty of not having a licence for a dead dog
The first sighting of the Headless Cortina of Chapelizod
How a son with a stutter was recognised by his mother when he wrote home from America
The woman in the summer frock who swore Rock Hudson kissed her in Hollywood
How a dead Elvis rang a CD seller late one night to talk about favourite books
The Wexford tailor that tried to bury his argumentative wife alive in a row over geese
How a Wicklow man found his lost brother in a snowstorm by looking down a chimney.
and enough more comeallyes to keep you entertained for a year and a day and beyond

It is possible there is not even one sane person alive on the planet at this time? How would we know? Brendan Nolan recalls the stories of ordinary people everywhere who struggle to make sense of any of it.

Mad people and other friends of ours
Brendan tells the story of the man that chases echoes to see how far they travel:
how newly-weds attacked one another with hatchets on the first day of a honeymoon;
how a man who swam naked in a river was thought to be a devil when he ran for home when his clothes were stolen;
how a bride-to-be became a hen party of one on a headless coach;
how a dead man terrified single women in the heart of Dublin.
Brendan reveals how some people try to catch leprechauns as a business and wonders at the man that swapped a cow on the way to market for an empty bottle and a promise.
In food stories, he recalls the restaurant owner who sought payment for the smell of his soup and reveals the secret of Mrs McLoughlin the bad cook who yearned for the love of her husband.
Brendan wraps up this presentation with the story of the blue beads of false love, or, how every man in the village went bald over the same woman.

Catching the sun in a sieve
Brendan recalls stories of
the wife that told police that her husband fed a unicorn in the back garden;
the man that sold fake relics of a near-saint to believers;
the true reason the queen brought no cigarettes with her to Ireland;
the man whose garage was too small for his new car and what he did about it,
the banker who became a performance poet at Phoenix Park;
the woman that saw too many geese in her garden and fell out with her stubborn husband as a result
and the woman that tried to carry sunshine into her house in a sieve.
He remembers the country woman that swore once at her husband and had her child taken away by the good people.
He concludes with the story of the four wise brothers that could not count one another in a fit.

Brendan Nolan, as an accomplished storyteller, Heritage Ireland heritage expert, author of ten published books, and member of Storytellers of Ireland, tells humorous stories from his native Dublin, all of Ireland, this world and the parallel one  near you. His well-told stories mainly reflect the dilemma of ordinary people living through some extraordinary occurrences.

Twelve Tales of Christmas
A man minding a turkey is unwillingly helped across the road by a good Samaritan;
a pair of cheap ear-rings falls asunder at an unfortunate moment;
three people selling Christmas wreaths face doorstep issues;
four children almost disintegrate in a Santa stagecoach when accompanying birdsong grows demented;
a bride-to-be believes she is kidnapped on a driverless coach hung with mistletoe;
a man who smells a goose for free appears in court for unpaid sniffing of another’s goods;
the Christmas Cortina of Chapelizod makes its first appearance;
eight Christmas cooks can find only seven of their number;
on the ninth day a man recycling trees realizes the secret engagement ring is missing;
ten bottles of cheer are consumed by burglars before an angry mother comes home to wreak retribution;
a man steals a ring and gains the tune Fáinne an Óir after an altercation with the good people;
and the story of the lost story and what happened when it was found again..

Christmas Storybag for children
Brendan tells the stories of
The first Christmas;
how Claus made the first toy;
the first Christmas tree;
the first Santa Claus;
what happened on Christmas Eve;
the night before Christmas;
the first Christmas present;
when Santa got stuck in the chimney;
how Rudolph got his first job;
and what happened to the Stick Man on his adventures.

Children’s stories
Brendan tells stories of
how a greedy frog ate all the colours in the world;
how a rooster fooled a wolf;
how a bony girl became beautiful once more;
how an Irish giant won a running race;
why the rabbit has a short tale;
how a hungry person made soup from a stone;
how the tortoise won the race against a hare;
how the crow saved his friend the cat from dogs;
and what happened when a boy saw footsteps in the sand where nobody had been;
and other stories in which he encourages children to participate.

Scary storytelling for Hallowe’en
don’t be left out alone
Stories told to thrill and terrify all ages told by a master storyteller include
Blood Field
Hallowe’en haunted sheet
The lost boy with no name
The headless walker
Bob Martin and the ghostly horseman
Killer cat
Stormy vision at sea
Hallowe’en trickery
Pooka calls
Haunted ballplayer

Brendan participates in readings at events, seminars, weekends and summer schools. 
Brendan’s  contention is that true idiosyncrasy is not the preserve of one people, one country or one person, but is common opportunity for all.  

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