Book coverFor lovers, yesterday was divine.

Today is almost unbearable happiness.

Tomorrow a promise.

True, wonderful, heart-stopping love. The kind of rapture that stands between us and life itself. Lovers don’t count time; for love has no end.

‘I love you’, says a whisper in the breeze. ‘I will love you for a thousand years.’

Love springs where it’s least expected, a wild flower met by a dusty track. Or a warm shadow on a path on a moonlit night.

Love begins with a single glance. Being in love means remembering little things for one another. When two become one.

When you love, you love. There’s no more to be said. Love needs no spoken language to be understood.

But, true love is not for the faint-hearted, for there are those who would thwart the path of everlasting  love, as some of our stories will show.

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Dargle Lovers

sunwaterA romance that ended in a double tragedy close to the old village of Enniskerry in Co. Wicklow is a love story that is played out every year on the anniversary of the tragedy on Midsummer’s Eve. For Mary, one lover was not enough, but, two led to unforeseen consequences.