Dublin Urban Legends

Is there a secret tunnel under O’Connell Street? Who stole the Irish crown jewels? And did the word ‘quiz’ originate in Dublin as the result of a bet?

Urban legends are the funny and frightening folklore people share today.
Just like the early folk tales that came before them, these stories are formed from reactions to events in the modern world, and are often a window into our current values.

We explore the power of Dublin’s urban legends – murky stories whispered in classrooms and backstreets, and startling stories passed on across the bar. Urban legends may sometimes just be the best of rumours, but the real question is: what is the truth that lies behind them?

Brendan Nolan, is a traditional  storyteller who has been listening to and re-telling these tales for decades.
These are  stories of real Dublin, that passed from generation to generation as true stories and which give Dublin its unique character.

 Dublin Urban LegendsDublin Urban Legends is published by the History Press Ireland.
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