Our stories are part of what we are

They are our living heritage, passed from one generation to the next.

But they are also the stories of the here and now, those tales that will be repeated one to the other until, in time, they become new folk tales.

A true story is about people, past or present. Even our stories of the good people, the fairy folk, will usually include a live human interacting or observing the goings on.

Ireland and the Irish have a wonderful store of stories from city and country to draw on.

Storyteller and Heritage Expert Brendan Nolan, author of five collections of folk stories, records, tells and publishes many of these stories.

In his live telling he tells stories, old and new, to entertain and to remind ourselves of the wonderful heritage that are our own stories.

On this hugely enjoyable website Brendan tells older stories and stories of his own times and shows how you too can tell your story in your own time and in your own place.

Stories are alive when the teller begins to remember what happened one time when…


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